Alabama Attorney Helps Wishes Become Reality

Scott McArdle:  Finalist, 2014 TLC Award, American Association for Justice

Scott McArdle: Finalist, 2014 TLC Award, American Association for Justice

For Make-A-Wish® Alabama, Scott Thomas McArdle is a dedicated supporter, contributing both his time and personal financial resources. In September 2012, the Montgomery lawyer joined the Board of Directors when the chapter became a new, independent entity after separating from the Georgia chapter. During the first year, McArdle served as Vice Chair of the Board, as a member of the Executive Leadership Committee, and Chair of the Nominating/Board Recruitment Committee. Earlier this year, he was unanimously elected by peers to serve as Chairman of the Board for the next two years. All are volunteer positions for which McArdle receives no compensation.

Being Chairman of the Board requires a significant time commitment.

“Mr. McArdle willingly accepted this role and is a focused leader,” stresses Pam Jones, executive director of Make-A-Wish Alabama. “He is a visionary and a collaborator, ensuring that everyone feels a part of the team. He is both a fearless leader and a cheerleader, fostering a positive environment that allows our Board and chapter to flourish.”

In addition to Board leadership, McArdle is also a wish granter, going above and beyond to make sure that a child’s experience is more than one can imagine by turning children’s wishes into reality.  
Wish Granted: Four-year-old travels to Disney World and rescues princess

Wish Granted: Four-year-old travels to Disney World and rescues princess

“Mr. McArdle is respected by his peers, and his compassion for this organization knows no bounds,” said Jones. As a wish granter, Jones notes that McArdle, “…dedicates his personal time and resources to make a child’s wish come true – whether it is a shopping spree for a little girl, a golf outing with a celebrity athlete, or a teenager whose one, true, heartfelt wish is to meet the University of Alabama football team. Mr. McArdle makes these wishes come true in the biggest way possible.”

Wish Granted:  Teen becomes rock star for a day.

Wish Granted: Teen becomes rock star                      for a day.

McArdle is a devoted father of two healthy children. His compassion for others not only leads him to be a part of an organization that restores hope, strength, and joy to those in times of need, but also provides him the opportunity to enrich the community and state in which he lives and loves.

Since September 2012, almost 300 children with life-threatening medical conditions have had their wishes granted with the help of a growing base of individuals or corporate volunteer teams in all 67 counties in Alabama.

As a trial lawyer, McArdle seeks justice for his many clients while also being a steward of the community. In addition to his work for Make-A-Wish® Alabama, McArdle has donated “Slow…Child at Play” signs within neighborhoods to ensure the safety of children.

Wish Granted:  To Help Abandoned Animals.

Wish Granted: To Help Abandoned Animals.

“Mr. McArdle is a leader, and leaders want to make a difference,” says Jones. “Leaders are not happy with status quo; they want progress and they want to make an impact. Mr. McArdle engaged with our charity because he wanted to make a difference – an improvement – in the lives of others in his city and state. From a personal perspective, he is also setting an example for his children by giving of his time and resources to others less fortunate. He has included his children in Make-A-Wish activities so they can begin to understand, even at their young age, the importance of giving back to others struggling with adversity.”

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