End Distracted Driving

Trial lawyers Joel Feldman and Jeff Weinstein are leading the charge to encourage people to make better and safer choices when they get into a car. They are working to end distracted driving.

Weinstein said he realized how dangerous he was after a day out driving with his family. He was checking his phone while he was behind the wheel and his wife announced, “You’re going to kill all of us.” He realized she was not joking.  Soon thereafter, he started learning more about distracted driving – which is responsible for more than 5,000 deaths and close to 450,000 injury-producing accidents in the U.S. every year. In the past two years, he’s made presentations about distracted driving to more than 15,000 students and civic organization members in Texas.

For  Feldman, he suffered a personal tragedy. His daughter Casey, a college student, was hit and killed by a distracted driver. Feldman and his wife established the Casey Feldman Foundation to help organizations that aligned with Casey’s interests and activities. The foundation sponsors End Distracted Driving, which is dedicated to preserving life and promoting safety on a large scale through advocacy, education, and action.

Hundreds of trial lawyers across the U.S. and Canada are speaking with students about distracted driving, to help them and their families make safer driving decisions as part of the EndDD.org student awareness initiative.


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