Good Lawyer Stories

Welcome to Good Lawyer Stories, a portion of our site dedicated to just that. Let’s face it: When someone says they have a “good lawyer story,” it’s usually not so good. Attorneys have a global negative perception that has resulted from and is fed by a skewed view of the profession – It’s time to turn that around.

Our mission is to offer a different perspective by sharing the many inspiring stories about lawyers who have gone way above and beyond in efforts help others, offering hope, support, and encouragement to those who need them.

The idea for Good Lawyer Stories was inspired by the amazing works of many attorneys, but specifically by the genesis of Trial Lawyers Care, which occurred post 9/11 in response to the World Trade Center Bombings. More than 1,100 “attorneys of mercy” volunteered from around the globe, providing pro bono representation to more than 1,700 families impacted by the disaster.

Good Lawyer Stories pays homage to every one of these attorneys, offering heartfelt thanks for their sacrifice and dedication. It also honors every individual and family whose lives were forever changed that day. Thank you – through our work showcasing the ongoing acts of everyday heroes, we pledge to keep yours alive.

Elizabeth Bryan, co-author, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings” and John Mittelman, plaintiff’s attorney.

Working together to make a difference, one “Good Lawyer Story” at a time.

Good Lawyer Stories