One Lawyer’s Quest to Eradicate Cancer: 23 Years and Going Strong

David W. Singer:  Finalist, 2014 TLC Award, American Association for Justice

David W. Singer: Finalist, 2014 TLC Award, American Association for Justice

When David Singer’s mother-in-law, Sylvia Glazer, died suddenly from pancreatic cancer in 1992, she was only 62. That experience led Florida lawyer Singer and his wife Sharon to start a family and get involved with the American Cancer Society.

Singer isn’t your average volunteer.

“In 2014, he will have concluded his 23rd year of chairing one of the most successful American Cancer Society ongoing fundraisers in the nation,” said colleague Peter Walsh who nominated Singer for the American Association for Justice 2014 Trial Lawyers Care Award. Singer was a finalist for the award.

“Certainly, the Jail & Bail event conceived by Singer has made Florida fundraising history. Singer reached over $4 million raised in the years since he has been running this ACS fundraiser,” noted Walsh.

"Judge" Singer,helped by Broward State Attorney Mike Satz & Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. bring some "convicts" to justice.

“Judge” Singer, helped by Broward State Attorney Mike Satz & Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, bring  “convicts” to justice.

Even Singer’s whole law firm, (David Singer & Associates) is involved. Attorneys at the firm serve on the committee known as the Parole Board. Everyone works on a 5,000-piece mailing and everyone gathers items for a silent auction. During the four days of Jail & Bail Week, Singer practically shuts down his office to work on the event.

“David Singer the face of the American Cancer Society in South Florida,” says Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, now the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, a former Honorary Chair of Jail & Bail, and perhaps one of the most famous cancer survivors in America.

Through the years, Singer has involved thousands of people in this event, including local prominent citizens such as members of Congress, Florida governors, Miami Dolphin players (one in the NFL Hall of Fame and one soon to be), the Miami Marlins manager, and even the local sheriff and state attorney.

Singer is hugely proud of three legislative accomplishments the American Cancer Society recently had, which are having a positive impact in Florida:

  1. Florida’s “Clean Indoor Air Act” is the reason there is no longer smoking in bars and restaurants in the state.
  2. A state constitutional amendment now requires the Legislature to use a minimum of 15% of the money that comes to the state via the tobacco settlement, to educate young people on the dangers of smoking. This effort has led to a drastic decrease in smoking among middle school and high school children.
  3. A dollar tax has been added to the price of a pack of cigarettes. This not only raises approximately $1 billion per year for the state budget, also greatly decreases smoking among all age groups.

In April 2010, the Soref JCC (Fort Lauderdale) honored Singer as their Humanitarian of the Year. Also by Proclamation, the State of Florida and Broward County declared April 10, 2010 “David Singer Day.”

“It is interesting and quite telling that, in the 23 years of “Jail & Bail” David Singer has never even mentioned what he does for a living,” wrote Walsh when he nominated Singer for the TLC Award. “The event is not a mere marketing ploy to advance the career of a lawyer. The cause is everything with David. Yet – everyone knows that David Singer is a trial lawyer and everyone sees that a trial lawyer can use his or her knowledge and skills to advance a very selfless cause.”

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