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Information Update-March 6, 2017: Lawyers interested in learning more about this issue can sign up at

Hundreds of members of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) have called and emailed association leaders to express their concern and interest in providing legal assistance in the wake of the recent Executive Orders on immigration. AAJ has started a dialogue with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). AILA will need trial lawyers who are comfortable in front of judges and passionate about justice.

Access to Justice Campaign

AILA’s campaign will provide training for attorneys to provide immigration removal defense services. AILA is developing the training, as well as pilot sites for representing people either in detention or in immigration court who face the prospect of removal without any opportunity to be represented by a lawyer.

Opportunities Right Now

Until the AILA Access to Justice website is up and running, good opportunities for volunteer legal work and trainings on immigration issues, recommended by AILA, include:

Materials from AILA

AILA’s Immigration 2017 webpage is a one-stop-shop for legal and policy analyses of the executive actions. The summaries will help you understand who will be impacted and how.

With respect to the Executive Order which suspended the U.S. Refugee Program and banned entry from seven Muslim-majority countries, AILA created an Executive Summary/Section-by-Section analysis of the Order. In addition, AILA’s American Immigration Council has already filed suit challenging the Muslim ban and created a practice advisory to guide other lawyers in bringing similar challenges.

The Trump Administration has issued two other Executive Orders with enormous enforcement ramifications for immigrants and their families in the U.S. AILA has created summaries/analyses of both the border enforcement and interior enforcement orders.

Ways to Stay Updated and Contribute

We appreciate your passion for fighting for justice!


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